Let's CELEBRATE your Body! 🎉

With fall approaching fast and winter just around the corner, I wanted to take some time to talk about how we should all view our fitness.

Regardless of what kinds of exercise you choose to partake in, it's important that we see exercise as, "a celebration of what (our) bodies can do, not as a punishment for what you ate."

Unless you are super-human (in which case we should meet!) most of us find ourselves indulging a little bit more after the excitement of starting a new regiment wears off.

When's the last time you "over"-indulged & found yourself waking up the next day, feeling the need to hit the gym?

Most of us follow this pattern. We eat an excessive amount of one thing or something that doesn't exactly fall in-line with our diet, and the next day, the next week, we punish ourselves for our eating habits with exercise.

I challenge you to to flip that way of thinking on it's head - after all, aren't you tired of savoring over a donut and immediately thinking "well that's another hour on the treadmill"?

What if we choose instead, to celebrate that time on the treadmill (or whatever you choose to do) as a way to bring more health to our bodies & minds.

What if every time you packed up your gym bag, you got the same rush of enthusiasm as you get when you're getting ready to go out for drinks with a friend?

This week, I challenge you to start moving - not because you feel guilty for something you ate, or because you feel like you "should" workout, move because you WANT to.

I promise, the minute you start celebrating your body for all the amazing things it can accomplish - it will change for the better :)

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