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It's time to

I provide the Agriculture Industry with tools and strategies to help them lose weight, grow muscle, and develop a healthy mindset, all while living a sustainable lifestyle.

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Corn Field Barn
Take Control

Take that first step towards change with yourself. Grab the FREE Blueprint and start a change today.

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I'm a firm believer that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.


Let me introduce myself

Hey! I’m AMANDA NIGG, the mastermind behind Farm Fit Training. I transform my community’s mindset around physical, mental, and emotional health using at-home fitness and strategies I learned when I too, had to overcome massive life obstacles (you can read about my home going up in flames in the about me section…) After this traumatic life-altering experience, I dealt with the stress, heartbreak, and roller coaster of emotions that followed using fitness as an outlet.


It is my mission in life to help my community discover they CAN have physical and mental results within themselves and understand what it truly means to be




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Farm Fit Training

Farm Fit Training is a strength-building program focusing on highlighting the simplicity of how we all can work to become stronger inside and out.

#FFT Titan


In just 30 days, learn the moves and workouts that create rock-solid muscle, burn fat, and create a #farmstrong mentality (PS: you never have to leave the farm).

They love me, and I love them.

“When I started with FarmFitMomma 12 weeks ago, I was nervous about it being “just another program” that I did not follow through with. I was the biggest I had ever been and lacked the energy I needed to keep up with my family and chores. I started because I knew the workouts were just 20 minutes a day – even I could do that! Before I knew it, weeks had passed by and I was still doing every workout and my nutrition was right where it needed to be! I think time passed so quickly because the workouts and nutrition were just enough to be motivating without being overwhelming. The tribe of women and men who were celebrating wins and sharing challenges right alongside me was motivating!”

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- Christy Y.

Farm Fit Momma

Hi, my name is 
I'd love to introduce you to


Farm Fit Momma

City girl goes country. Growing up in a bigger town in Western Nebraska, I always thought I would move to the big city.  After high school, I went to the University of Wyoming where I graduated with a minor in Health Promotion then continued on the Graduate with a degree in Radiation Therapy at Weber State University through their online program.  

Later my adventures took me to South Dakota, where I worked at a cancer facility before deciding to step back.  I started to work for a supplemental insurance company while I decided what I wanted to do.  Little did I know that I would be working for this company going on 10+ years.  I met my farming husband on a blind date.  True Story!  We married the following year.  We have two very strong-willed little dudes, who are just like their father. We are raising our family on my husband’s 5th generation farm. 

Loved by Many

My clients are the best, so they get the best - I make sure of it.

See what committed men & women are saying about Farm Fit.

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Christy Y.

“Amanda has been there for every step – pushing me, rooting for me and celebrating smashing each goal.” 

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Brandon F.

"I never thought about the mental side of working out much - I just did it and moved on. Now I'm looking ahead at my workouts for the next days and planning my weights and mentally preparing myself for it"

Jenna P.

“Physically yes I am stronger, I am also down weight on the scale and my measurements continue to blow my mind, I’ve learned how to track macros and eat better.”

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