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What's in the Guide?

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Three Macro-friendly kid-approved recipes

Let’s talk about Nutrition, including 3 Macro-Friendly, Kid-Approved meals that the whole family will love.


Workouts that are straight out of my program, they will have your muscles screaming & heart rate sky high. You’ll get your first taste of what sweat city from Farm Fit looks like.

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Are you tired of spending hours in the gym with little to show for it?


Feeling lost in a sea of conflicting nutrition advice?


You're not alone.


Millions of people struggle to find a workout routine that fits their busy lives and delivers lasting results.

That's where FarmFit Training comes in.


We're your personal guide on the path to a healthier, stronger you.

Renee dramatically improved her mental health

Brandon has energy to enjoy playing with his kids

Emily is killing it in the kitchen.

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Meet Amanda

AMANDA NIGG, is the creative mind behind Farm Fit Training. Her experience overcoming life's massive obstacles taught her how to use at-home fitness and practical strategies to deal with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. After her traumatic experience of losing her home to flames,  she turned to fitness to cope with the stress, heartbreak, and emotional turmoil that followed.

Now, it's her life's mission to help others discover their true potential and understand what it means to be #FarmStrong. Through Farm Fit Training, she has transformed the mindset of my community towards health and wellness. 

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We have helped thousands of people in the Ag Community change their lives and get the body of their dreams, and word is spreading fast.