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Stop Hoping... START EXPECTING!!

No matter who YOU are, there are times when you will feel down when things get difficult, and when things feel tough you will want to give up.

News Flash successful people have the same problem too.

They sometimes feel down, stuck in life, and want to quit. The only difference between successful people and others lies in how they deal with this situation.

Your MINDSET is a powerful tool when pointed in the right direction.

Here are three ways you can switch that "I can't do that" to an "Unstoppable" mindset!

1. Revisit Your Purpose - "Why" Statement

Why do you want to achieve your goal?

Remember, the reasons behind your goals will become your driving force. And how strong that force is will be determined by how emotional and strong your reasons are. Most people are not genuinely committed to their goals simply because they don’t have a strong reason behind them to drive them. It doesn’t matter to them if they don’t achieve their goals.

When your purpose behind doing something is intense and emotional, you will do whatever it takes.

Creating amazing results after facing big failures, well, that's determination. This is because when you leave yourself with no other options but to achieve what you set out to accomplish, you will fulfill your desire.

What you can do: Before you give up and quit, think about why you started. Revisit your purpose and make sure the reasons behind it are strong and emotional and able to push you to achieve what you want.

2. Understand That Setbacks & Obstacles Are Necessary

This is just a natural law. Nothing GREAT is ever EASY! You learn primarily through failures and obstacles, not through success and winnings. Often, it is only when you break down that you learn to appreciate the small steps forward. You learn the importance a step forward is still forward. This is why success is a lousy teacher; you learn the most from failures.

Michael Jordan missed more than 9,000 shots in his career. His team entrusted him with the winning shot, and he failed not only once but 26 times. Jordan said that he failed over and over again, and that is why he succeeded.

Remember, given enough pressure, even coal can be turned into diamonds. Tough times are necessary to test your tenacity. Obstacles are there for you to overcome because they are your greatest learning experiences.

Every strong person you meet has hit this point in their life in some way, shape, or form. You will be the same. You need to understand that setbacks and obstacles are necessary. So press on, and get through it.

What you can do: Never lose hope, keep working and improving yourself, and learn from setbacks and obstacles. Most of all, never give up.

3. Focus on Positivity.

Stop thinking about quitting or worrying if things will ever change.

What is your mindset telling you? You should never worry or think negatively; better said than done. Worrying cannot get you closer to what you want most. You have to get out of the trap by focusing on what you are doing and celebrating the progress forward.

You don’t have to give up on your dreams or goals. Let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that make you miserable and think you want to quit. Change your mindset to a positive one and feel great by doing what you are creating for yourself.

What you can do: Take action and focus on things that will get you out of the negative loop. Don't focus on the problems. And when you stop dwelling on the problems, the solutions may automatically appear. Your attention should be on progress, NOT perfection.

Always remember that you are not alone. There are so many people around you who are waiting to assist you and support you.

These 3 ways can help guide you toward being an UNSTOPPABLE force. Yes, all these can be applied to your FITNESS JOURNEY.

It's a journey without a destination. It's about moving forward, even if it's's still in the name of progress. Sooooooo….

❌ Don't just hope...

❌ Don't just wonder...

❌ Don't just wish...

EXPECT you can achieve what you want most...believing in yourself needs to start with YOU. Changing your mindset is not easy—but it is one of the most powerful things you can do. Learning how to recognize a negative mindset is the first step. Once you do, you will be empowered to make those changes and seek the positive. Doing this can often turn your entire life around!

We're in it together!


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Jul 31, 2023

This post was just perfect. Something I believe we all struggle with from time to time whether we like to admit it or not. Love how you pointed out the reasons it happens and the focus on how to turn things around. Informative, educational, and inspiring, keep up the great work.


This blog post was amazing and totally hit home! Made me feel alive inside! Hit me right when I needed it! Keep them coming girl! Thank you!!

Jul 30, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it. We will definitely let Amanda know :)

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