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FFT Systems Manager | Elite Coach CPT, CNC


Traci grew up on a small family farm in central IL. After high school, she attended the University of Illinois where she majored in Agricultural Communications. 


She met her now husband, John, in college (who oddly enough, actually grew up only 15 miles from her), and have two amazing kiddos together, Addison and Nash. 


During the middle of the pandemic, Traci battled with some of the worst depression she has ever experienced during the selling of their home and purchasing the Johnson Farmstead. But as a busy Mom and farm wife, she put herself on the back burner, not intentionally, but realized she couldn’t step up for her family without stepping up for herself first.


That is where Traci’s passion for mental health grew.


In February 2021 Traci applied to Farm Fit Training (She’s an OG!). She believes God led her to FFT. The program changed her health and life so much that, she is committed to making her own impact in the Ag community as a Farm Fit Training Coach!



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Hello, my name is Jayme Pearson.  I'm a fitness coach at Farm Fit Momma where my passion is to help you reach your goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle


My fitness and health journey started 20 years ago when I was at the heaviest weight of my life! I decided that it was time to make a change, so I did just that. Through dietary changes, working out, and creating new eating habits I lost 110 pounds. I maintained that weight loss for over a decade, which has been satisfying and an accomplishment that I am proud of. If I can do it, YOU can too. 



In April 2021, Amanda Nigg posted that she had 2 1:1 coaching spots available. I applied thinking there was no way that Amanda would accept my application. She turned out to be the push I needed to achieve a long-term goal of mine to be a certified personal trainer.

That May I started with Farm Fit Momma, where I completed 1:1 coaching that was followed by an advanced 6-week program. The past year I have learned so much about nutrition, macros, and how to correctly fuel my body to burn fat and build lean, sexy muscles. I’m excited to be a part of a tribe that helps the agricultural community build lifelong skills to be mentally and physically healthy.


When I am not working on fitness and healthy eating habits, I spend time with my high school sweetheart and husband of 34 years. My first taste of life in agriculture was when we moved to the farm after we married. We have spent the last 34 years farming various crops such as cotton, peanuts, milo, black-eyed peas; and wouldn’t change it. We have two grown children and two beautiful granddaughters.




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Elitle Coach CPT, CNC, ASFA Running Coach

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