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Farm Fit in 21 Days

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Welcome to the Farm Fit 21-Day Program, where you'll embark on a transformative fitness journey. Get ready to unleash your inner BEAST! I'm Amanda, the Founder of Farm Fit Training, and I'm thrilled to guide you through this incredible experience. ***NOTE- you only have access to this for 21 days (don't worry, that includes rest days). Once the 21-day mark is up, your program will be marked finished. But no worries- you can subscribe and continue to access this program through our membership as long as you'd like. Program Overview: → 15-minute Timed Workouts. → Each workout features 4 movements with built-in rest. → Utilize the AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) training method. → Broken into 3 Phases: Phase 1: Master the fundamentals with no equipment. Phase 2: Intensify your training with weights and Functional Training. Phase 3: Prepare to sweat with challenging Compound Movements. → Each Phase lasts 1 week with 2 Active Rest Days. Equipment Recommended: → 2 upper body Dumbbells/Kettlebells. → 1 heavy lower-body Dumbbell/Kettlebell. → A Box or Cooler → Smart Watch & Heart Rate Monitor Guidelines: → Your workouts are released every Sunday at 8 a.m. CST. → Schedule your workouts in order, starting with 1. → Choose a consistent daily workout time from Monday to Friday. → Keep a scrap paper handy to record your Reps. → Follow us across all socials, and don't forget to tag #Farmfittraining This program is about quick and effective "at-home" workouts designed for the farm lifestyle. Follow FarmFitMomma on all social media platforms and use these hashtags on Instagram: #FarmFit #FarmFitMomma #FarmStrength. Get ready to conquer each day and transform yourself. See you inside the program! Best, Amanda Nigg | Founder of Farm Fit Training

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