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3 Little BIG things about Rapid Fat Loss!

Most individuals view body fat as UGLY flesh that must be ruthlessly exterminated, but it's actually vital for our survival.

Not only is it an organ that helps create various essential hormones, but thousands of years ago, it was all that kept our ancient ancestors alive.

They often journeyed for days without food. Starving, they would finally kill an animal, and their bodies prepared for the next bout of starvation by storing excess energy as fat.

This is still in us, which also explains in part why so many individuals are overweight as well.

With that being said, NONE of this determines our destinies.

Although we can't "hack" or override this biological hardwiring, we can lose excess and unwanted body fat and maintain aesthetically pleasing (and healthy) body fat levels as well.

News Flash- it isn't as complicated or complex as you think either. Below are 3 rules you can abide by never again to struggle to lose fat and keep it OFF for good!

  1. Energy Balance is the KING

  2. Macronutrient Balance is QUEEN

  3. Adjust your food intake based on how your body is Responding

Now let's dive deeper into each of these quickly...

Energy balance alone dictates your body weight. Eat more energy than you burn for long enough, and you'll gain weight. Plain and Simple - Energy in verse Energy out!!!

Scientifically speaking, when your body is digesting and absorbing food you've eaten, it's in the postprandial state (post means "after" & prandial means "having to do with a meal"). The body basically uses a portion of the energy provided by the meal to increase its fat stores. Once your body has finished digesting absorbing and storing the food eaten, it enters the postabsorptive state "after absorption". In that state the body must rely most on its fat stores for energy some call this a "fasted" state. Then the body must rely on mostly fat stores for energy some call this "fat-burning mode" until your next meal.

Your body flips between these fed and fasted states every day, storing small amounts of fat after meals, and then burning small amounts after food energy runs out.

Pretty amazing RIGHT!!! The human body is far more complex than a combustion engine, but there's a reason why every single controlled weight loss study conducted in the last century talks about "energy in" to be lower than "energy out".

Now it's time to talk about the rest of the weight loss equation - Macronutrients.

Macronutrient balance refers to how the calories you eat break down into Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Dietary Fats. If you want to lose fat and NOT muscle, or gain muscle and not fat, then you need to pay close attention to both your energy and macronutrient balances.

A calorie is no longer a calorie basically a calorie of protein does very different things in your body compared to a calorie of carbohydrate or Dietary Fat. The term "Macro" means Large, and it's what our bodies need in Large amounts to function at their ultimate best.

Not diving too much into the complexity of this, individual needs are completely different as well and SHOULD always be customized to the individual needs.

The 3rd rule is to adjust your food intake based on how your body is responding is IMPORTANT. Tweaking your calories and Macros up/down based on what's actually happening with your body is vitally important as well.

Two Reasons:

  • Formulas for calculating your Calories & Macros may not work perfectly for you right out of the box. There is a range you work in to figure out what is the right number for your individual needs.

  • What has been working can STOP producing results.

Metabolism may be naturally faster or slower than the formulas assume. You may engage in a lot of spontaneous activity throughout the day without realizing it. And the second point, the body responds to calorie restrictions with countermeasures meaning stalls also known as a "plateau" in fitness. Basically your metabolic rate of how your body processes foods can slow down. But on the other hand, it could also speed up as well.

The good news about all this is you don't have to try to account for all this before beginning your Fitness Journey. Instead use "K.I.S.S. Methodology" (Keep It Simple Stupid), by adjusting your calories and macros based on how your body is actually responding.

Rule of Thumb: If you are trying to lose weight but aren't, start eating less and moving more. On the flip side if you are trying to gain weight but aren't, EAT MORE.

It does take guidance and discipline to learn this all! That is why hiring a Fitness Coach to help you get started is the BEST way to start just like us in Farm Fit Training (FFT).

Macronutrients are a "nutrition theory" but once you fully understand what they can do for your body, the possibilities are endless.

Exciting, right? ;)


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