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How to stick to your diet during the holidays 🎉 🎄

No, I’m not crazy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with indulging every once in a while, especially on holidays and special occasions. I think most of us can agree on that. But, the thing is, sometimes you still want to stick to your diet during the holidays.

Why? I don’t know, maybe you’re super pleased with your progress so far and you don’t want to set yourself back too much, or maybe you’re afraid it could lead to 7 or 8 cheat days, who knows? Well, whatever the reason, we have some great tips for you on how to stick to your diet during the holidays. And, it’s actually not that hard.

Be aware of portion size.

Especially on carb-heavy or fat-heavy foods, you want to make sure you are limiting yourself to 1 serving during that meal. So maybe that’s 1 cup of mashed potatoes or 1/8th of a 9″ pie, just make sure you are aware so you can keep yourself from going overboard.

Watch the condiments.

Sauces, gravies, and dressings can really rack up calories. Keep it light!

The One Plate Rule.

It’s pretty simple: only fill up your plate once. Don’t stack foods on top of each other and try to focus on proteins & veggies.

Don’t stand near the food.

At a party or family gathering, etc make sure to stand away from the food to avoid mindless snacking.

Focus on socializing, not food.

Don’t show up to a social event hungry. I’ve totally been guilty in the past of trying to eat as little as possible before a big meal to “save” my calories, but it can definitely lead to overeating.

You don’t have to eat it.

There are so many times when I’ve eaten foods I didn’t particularly like just because I felt like I’d offend someone. It’s not a big deal. If you don’t want it, don’t force it. Hold out for the good stuff.

Never drink your calories.

Okay, maybe not never, but keep it intentional. Make sure it’s a drink you really want and be aware of the calories (mainly carbs) in 1 serving of the drink you love.

Never cheat twice.

I love this advice. The focus really is on limiting it to a cheat meal instead of a full-on cheat day.

Limit snacking to fruit or protein.

That limits you to pretty much only healthy snacks, so that’s easy. I’m a snacker, so this helps me a ton.

Don’t be afraid to say no.

People will understand and, honestly, they’ll probably really respect you for staying committed to your goals. If you’re afraid to use dieting as an excuse, you can always just say that something else filled you up or you’re just not really in the mood for it right now. Can’t argue with that 😉

Enjoying the Holiday Season while hitting your goals is simple. Just stick to these simple tips above‼️



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