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Farm Progress Show!

This week we've been at the Farm Progress show, and we've had a blast!

In today's fast-evolving agricultural landscape, where technology and innovation drive the industry forward, there's something truly exceptional about attending events like the Farm Progress Show. This annual agricultural extravaganza not only offers a glimpse into the latest advancements but also presents a unique opportunity to connect with agribusinesses and fellow members of the farming community. The benefits of such interactions extend far beyond the event itself, fostering a sense of unity, collaboration, and shared passion for agriculture.

We teamed up with @titangoodyearfarmtires to bring a little fun for the entire family. We even had a Kids Obstacle Course, which was awesome. Fitness starts early!

Events included 👇🏼

Fast Feet 👣

Tire Flip 🛞

Plank Hold 💪🏼

The Farm Progress Show is not just an event; it's a celebration of agriculture itself. It brings together the farming community to share their passion and expertise. Engaging with fellow farmers and agribusinesses at the show not only strengthens professional bonds but also nurtures a shared love for agriculture and its vital role in society.

We teamed up with Salford Group to go over the connections between physical health, healthy soil, and mental health:

Our awesome FFT Coaches were there and got to chat about physical & mental health, plus had great opportunities to connect about about our 1:1 coaching program! DON'T MISS THIS LAST ROUND! Applications are open for a few more days! Click HERE to apply.

Plus we got to meet amazing people all week long!

Check out our Instagram accounts for more videos and pics. While you're there, be sure to like and follow!

BONUS! Kenni and Levi Stigall got to show off their Farm Fit medals at school.

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